Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I joined swap-bot.com and signed up for 3 swaps initially. I can already see how this can get addictive. I got the idea from visiting Suzy's blog and seeing her apron swap results. So, I searched apron swap on Google and found swap-bot. Now, I didn't find any currently open apron swap, and I still haven't gotten my sewing machines into working order, so I didn't sign up for anything too heavy. Plus, a lot of the swaps shun newbies, I guess because of the high flaking percentage of un-rated users, people looking for free stuff without ever returning the favor.

I signed up for the "Send some Blog Love" swap--easy enough, I just emailed 10 people my blog links and will receive 10 blog links to visit. I've received 6 so far, and I can foresee hours spent pouring over their archives.

I joined the "Craft lovers begin your crafting" swap and already have an idea for my swapee and have been contacted by my swapper. This was a no-brainer for me. I'm always making things with no purpose for it and no one in particular to give it to just because I like to make things. With a real recipient in mind, this will be more fun.

And, I enlisted in the "Ratings Booster #2" swap because it was the first one I saw for newbies. We haven't received our partners yet, so I haven't decided what to get/make for this one, but I'm supposed to mail 3 things to 2 people and receive 3 things from 2 other people.

The whole point, I think, is to share with people that you otherwise wouldn't meet, and to try to send them things they would like. I'll keep you updated on how things go.


Katia said...

I just joined swap-bot, too! It's already getting addicting, and I'm only a couple swaps in!

Here's some blog love! But here's a question for you: MSH - is that his initials, or does that an internet acronym I just don't know? *lol*


Me said...

Hi Katia! Thanks for stopping by.

MSH is My Sweet Husband. I guess I started calling him that in my first post and abbreviated it, but haven't really defined the abbreviation in a while. I didn't think it was a common acronym, but I Googled "MSH My Sweet Husband" and got a TON of hits. So, I guess I'm not as original as I thought.

szreader said...

Hi, darlin'! You're sending to me in the Ratings Booster #2 on Swap-bot. I just swung by to look at your blog after I read that someone else liked it (in your ratings/comments). It is great! And I love your name. It's so original and it makes me smile. :-D Take good care, Susan (szreader)

Anonymous said...

found you via swap-bot, the list that got sent out
Keep blogging

Linz aka fluffywelshsheep