Friday, May 9, 2008

The Good News

So, a few weeks ago, I mentioned at the end of a post that I might have some good news in a few weeks. Well, I have it. It's not the great news I was hoping for, but it's the good news that was also a possibility at the time. We didn't win the lottery, get pregnant, or make plans to move back to Alabama.

But, I do have good news. MSH got a new job. It's basically the same as his old job, just for a different government agency about 5 miles from where we work now. The difference is a slight increase in pay, greater promotion potential, and a better work environment. He's really excited, and so am I, but I have to admit that I will miss working with him, knowing that he's just a short walk down the hill, being able to have lunch with him anytime I want. We'll still be able to commute together, as far as his office, but I'll have to drive the few miles between our offices by myself. Luckily, I'll be able to take mostly residential roads with a couple of local thoroughfares and won't have to try to battle the beltway on my own.

So, he starts on Monday; his last day was yesterday. We celebrated by having lunch together, then meeting some of his now former co-workers for dinner and drinks at a seafood restaurant where they sprinkled their hush puppies with *gasp* powdered sugar! MSH told the waiter that where we come from, some one could be shot for such an offense. I know that MSH will miss the friends he made and being so close to me, but this is the best opportunity for him. They've even told him that if he does well, they'll look to move him into the position to run the place in 5 to 8 years. I'm exceedingly proud of him; he's doing all the right things to put us in the best position to start a family and have a successful future.

So this is my big news. Later today, I plan to have a recipe review and a recap of our visit with the good doctor and his family, plus photos of those oh so cute & sweet J-boys.

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