Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Still Alive, I Promise

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here and alive. I'm working on a big post with lots of photos, and my laptop is fighting me all the way. So, hopefully, I'll have it up before 2090.

I've also been working on ideas for MSH's birthday next month. I've never really had a party for him, and our home is too small to host one. Therefore, I've been trying to come up with ideas on where to have an inexpensive get-together. I've also been researching cakes and found this flip-flop cake that I can make, but instead of flip-flops, I'm want to make it look like Birkenstock sandals. If you have any suggestions for candies that will look like the brown suede straps on sandals, please leave me a comment. I'm a little bit wary of trying to make them out of fondant considering I've never used it before.

MSH is settling into his new job, but he's had a run of bad luck lately. eBay canceled his auction for a DirecTV receiver because DirecTV told them that he was selling proprietary information. It took him most of the day on Saturday to get that straightened out. He was sick on Sunday and couldn't help me with laundry and grocery shopping and doing the dishes (okay, so that was my bad luck, too, but he was really suffering). Then, last night, he dropped his brand-new 15-day old Blackberry less than 3 inches. Unfortunately, it hit the corner of the table at just the wrong angle and cracked the screen.

I'm getting used to driving the 5 miles between his office and mine with only a couple of unfortunate incidents last week. It's been raining buckets here the last few weeks. There've been flood worries because the ground is so soaked, so I'm looking forward to some sunshine and 80 degree weather soon, even if I have to make it myself! So keep checking back for the big post--it's about a time that MSH surprised me big time, but that's all I'm going to tell you.

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Amy said...

Re: the shoe cake--it's kind of hard to find, but there is chocolate flavored licorice that comes in a brown color. Or if you're going to be doing it for decoration only and not worrying about the taste, you can maybe use puff pastry or refrigerated croissants, baked to the brown color you're going for or treated with a food coloring wash. Look at other items like fruit roll-ups, cookies, other pastries....(I was just reading a Good Housekeeping last night which featured cupcakes with animals on them, like pandas, giraffes, etc. and they had a ton of great ideas for things like that). Good luck!