Friday, March 28, 2008

Recipe Review: Crab Quesadillas

A new favorite for MSH and me is this Crab Quesadilla recipe with a few of our substitutions.

First, we don't really like sweet meats, and crab meat is sweet enough on its own, so instead of orange zest and OJ, I used lime juice and no zest. There's this really good, fast Mexican this Restaurant across the street called Baja Fresh, and they use lots of lime in their dishes, so that's where I got the idea. Also, due to the sweet factor, we prefer not to use red bell peppers, so I used green instead. The first time I made this I did use scallions, but since we were out this time, I used chives. There wasn't a huge difference.

Here's what it looks like when I make it.

This is absolutely the best homemade Mexican dish I've ever made. I've made tacos and burritos and quesadillas from a variety of recipes and kits, but none were ever as fresh and flavorful as this. Topped with his favorite salsa and served with a simple mixed green salad, this meal really makes MSH happy. I love the cream cheese in this recipe, but I love cream cheese in just about everything. Here it makes the filling irresistibly creamy.

Until I made this, I didn't realize how much I loved the fresh bite and flavor of cilantro. My new love for this spice has spurred my desire for this. I also accidentally discovered that MSH loves this double-stuffed when I burned one side of each of the 2nd batch of them while taking the photos for this post.

So, if you like seafood and cilantro, this is the recipe for you. And unlike some of the other recipes I love, this one is quick and easy.

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