Friday, March 21, 2008

Recipe Review: Chicken with Leeks & Shiitakes

MSH and I are trying to eat more healthily, so I've been trying out new recipes, mostly from I've decided that as I try new recipes, I'll publish a review on Fridays on my blog because it's my blog, and I can do what I want.

A couple of weeks ago, I made Chicken with Leeks & Shiitakes.

The actual recipe is called Chicken Thighs with Leeks & Shiitakes, but I always buy chicken breasts, so I used them instead. Also, because I'm too lazy to climb up the step ladder to get the all-purpose flour, so I used whole wheat flour, which I keep on a lower shelf and can get down by pulling the container toward me with a small saw we keep hanging on the wall in the laundry room (that's a different post for another day).

I really enjoyed this dish; MSH thought it was "okay". But, if it's not fried or doesn't contain bacon or bacon derivatives or massive quantities of butter, the best I get from the man is "Okay". I also discovered while making this dish that I really enjoy drinking Pinot Grigio. I'm usually not a white wine fan, preferring to stick with sweeter wines or mixed cocktails, but something about this wine, mmmmm. But, back to the dish, the flavor of the wine with the earthy mushrooms and nice thick sauce was perfect with the ever so slightly breaded, tender chicken. I think the whole wheat flour also added a slightly nutty flavor and a little extra crispiness. Despite the fact that I don't normally keep leeks and shiitakes on hand, this one just might become one of my regular dishes. I served it with wild rice and a simple mixed green salad with a nice vinaigrette dressing and, of course, a glass of Pinot Grigio.

As a side dish earlier this week, I made Creamy Green Beans. This was terrible. I think I was expecting a flavor similar to cream of mushroom soup, like green bean casserole, but this really tasted like mayonnaise and mustard on green beans. Also, the microwave rice cooker/vegetable steamer I have probably isn't the best tool to use for fresh green beans. They shriveled and had little blackened portions on them. It was just yuck. MSH fell asleep with a migraine before I could subject him to this concoction, so his opinion on this one will not be heard. I will NEVER make this again.

I don't know what I expect you to do with my opinions, but I've shared them with you to do as you please. One day, maybe I'll take some photos of the dishes so you can see how they turn out!

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