Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Purse Full of Curlers

Yes, I honestly have curlers in my purse. On any given day there is a 75% chance that I have a purse filled with curlers in my car, in my home, or on my person. I'm not just some insane woman carrying around curlers for no good reason; the reason is I don't have enough room in the glove compartment.

Ok, maybe I should back up and explain so you don't all think I'm just wacko. See, I live in Northern Virginia and work for a large government agency in Maryland, just outside of DC. My Sweet Husband(MSH-I love abbreviations) works there, too. Actually, he worked there first, and I got a job there for stability, benefits, an increase in salary, and promotion potential(and so MSH could use the HOV lane, thus shortening his commute). At any rate, due to TRAFFIC, we commute in together, and MSH drives every day. We also come to work pretty early so that we avoid the worst of the TRAFFIC, and so that we can have every other Friday off. I use this time to put on my make up and finish my hair every morning so that I don't have to get out of bed even earlier than I already do. Some days, this routine leads to the removal of some type of curlers from my hair while in the car. I believe that it may cause MSH some considerable embarrassment to travel with me in curlers, but he has yet to complain, so I continue to do it. Heaven help me if I ever have to drive myself to work.

Since I remove the curlers in the car, and the glove box is filled with maps and owner's manuals and other things MSH insists should be kept in the glove box, it will not hold all the curlers. Now, I could bring a bag or box or other acceptable receptacle for the curlers, but due to the exceedingly early time we have to leave home to get to work on time, I cannot possibly be expected to remember details such as this. Therefore, the only place I have for my curlers is my already over-stuffed, quite large purse. Even if I do remember to bring something else to put the curlers in, it's generally another purse because I'm usually rummaging through the closet when I remember. And what is in my closet that can hold curlers? If you answered "Purses!", you would be correct.

The other half of the issue, the reason that the chance that I will have curlers in my purse is so high, stems from the fact that I am lucky enough to own two complete sets of hot rollers, one set of sponge curlers, and one set of velcro rollers (4 sets total; I know you're jealous). Therefore, I generally do not put the curlers away in order to use them the next day, because there are always more curlers! I will run out of purse space before I run out of curlers. I also have better things to do in the evenings and can't possibly be expected to remember to do such things.

I do fear that my purse strap will break, and the world will see curlers spilling out. In this vision, I see myself chasing them as the roll down the hallways I walk each day. Especially the one that slopes downward as I leave the office each day. It's my own personal nightmare, but, luckily, one that has yet to become real.

So this is my blog, and I can't quite tell you what it will be about, but I can tell you a little about me. I mentioned that I work for a large government agency outside of DC. I'm from Alabama, originally; so is MSH. Our families still live there. At this point, we've been married for just over 5 years, and we're each just over 30 years old, but not quite 31. We don't have any children, yet. At least none that I know of (MSH makes me say that). I do want children and absolutely adore our nieces and nephews. I cry in the greeting card aisle at Wal-Mart; my head is filled with random lines that might make decent poetry one day; and I have a purse full of curlers.


Keomi said...

LOL! this is soo cute! I don't think Msh mind that you are taking curlers our of your hair while he is driving. You can tell the man love you dearly if he doesn't say anything. You do lose SEXY Points for doing your hair in the car! LOL!

Dalton said...

This just made my day. Our pipes have most likely ruptured, who knows how much that will cost. Today I have the day off, and I spent my morning cleaning up dog vomit and piling the kids & sick electric yellow puking dog into the car to spend the majority of my morning in the vet. Oh to be uncurling my hair in the HOV lane daydreaming of Spring...