Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today in Pictures

I have no excuse. I just don't have a decent photos of my new haircut. Maybe in 2011.

Today, I do have a chronicle of my day in photos.

First, after lying in denial for 20 minutes, I got out of bed before dawn. It's just not fair.

I decided that Spring is here, and I'm wearing sandals, finally, even if it is 44 degrees this morning!

Then, I rode into battle with MSH. Not that I helped; I put on my make-up, but I rode into it.

I worked.

I tried to take photos of my haircut on my lunch break.

It didn't work.

We rode back into battle again.

I wondered what kind of tree this is.

I bought a replacement part for the sewing machine my office-mate gave me since mine gave out.

I worked on this.

I cleaned up, watched TV, and went to bed. This is my typical work day. What's your day like?

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