Monday, April 14, 2008

I lost 5 pounds in an hour!

I got a haircut! So did MSH.

Unfortunately, my camera's battery is dead, so I can't show you until tomorrow. Technically, I could show you later tonight, but the charger is in the car, and I don't want to go downstairs to get it. Plus, I know that I won't be getting back on the computer tonight after I post this blog, and I'd hate to promise you a photo, then not deliver.

We got our haircuts (hairs cut?) on Friday afternoon at our local salon. Since we've started working together, we do almost everything together. MSH said that he felt like we were 60 years old because getting a haircut together is something like his grandparents would do. I could think of a million couples like whom it would be worse to be.

Not much else that I can tell you for now, but I may have more news in the next few weeks. We'll see.

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