Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Betsy!

My precious, precocious first niece, my baby, is turning 6 today. I can't believe how fast she's grown. She was born 2 days after I got married, while I was on my honeymoon, so our meeting was delayed a little. From the moment I saw her, I was completely in love. She's a beautiful young girl, and smart and funny. She loves being the center of attention and being a big sister.

Until she was about 2, she was scared of MSH. He's so tall and has a deep voice and picks on her. Then, something changed and she decided that she loves MSH and loves for him to "get her". He is her jungle gym and a constant source of fun and amusement for her. She always asks to talk to him on the phone when I call. Daddy told me the other day that she loves to talk so much that when she runs out of true stories, she starts making them up.

She's such a sweet girl, too. Like I did with my aunts, she always wants to see what's in my purse, to have her face made up with my make up, and to use my lotion. Of course, I always let her, just like my aunts always did. This past Christmas, I took her Christmas shopping to buy gifts for her grandparents, sister, and parents. She picked out gifts with enthusiasm and real consideration for what each person would like. She picked out a French Soap for my mother, which I explained was soap from France. She later told everyone that she bought my mom "Soap of Ants". She even made sure to get something for her cousin Richard, even though he wasn't on our list.

Less than six too short years ago, she was my belly-baby in a bonnet. She still has the same big blue eyes, but she's lost the baby rolls. Now, she's a tall, slender beautiful girl, full of creativity and spunk. I can't wait to tell her that we're moving to Georgia and that we'll be able to see her much more often.

Happy Birthday, Betsy. We love you. From Uncle MSH and Aunt Me.

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Shanna said...

She's a doll!!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Spot this morning :)